The ŠKERLJ, odvetniška pisarna, d.o.o., law firm has been engaged in freelance attorneyship continuously (which also includes its predecessors) since 1966. It was established by Attorney-at-Law Anton Škerlj, whose work was complemented and, after his retirement, continued by his son, Attorney-at-Law Borut Škerlj. Limited organisational forms pertaining to individual attorneys-at-law and expansion resulted in the founding of a law firm.

The contract establishing the law firm was concluded on 18 November 2011, and the firm was entered into the Company Register of the District Court of Novo Mesto on 3 January 2002.

The law firm is open for clients during its official hours between 8 AM and 1 PM daily, and on Wednesdays also between 3 and 6 PM. Access to data pertaining to client files and documents is granted within the official hours listed above.

The company is continuously, 24 hours a day, on call for emergencies and, upon agreement with the client, attorneys-at-law are also available outside official hours.