Andreja Kopinič Badovinac

Andreja Kopinič Badovinac attended Gimnazija Novo mesto and completed her studies with distinction at the Faculty of Law of the University of Ljubljana in 2004. After her internship at the Ljubljana Higher Court, followed by the state lawyer’s examination in 2006, she was employed by a notary. She continued her career in the justice system, where she gained experience for eleven years. At the local court, she was handling tasks in the field of civil litigation, criminal and minor offense proceedings. Later, she worked at the district court, where she worked on the most difficult cases in the field of civil litigation, family law, commercial disputes, and insolvency proceedings. She is distinguished by extensive knowledge and precise, analytical approach to solving legal problems.

In particular, she has competencies in the following fields:

  • civil law
  • tort law
  • contract law
  • family law
  • commercial law
  • insolvency law
  • minor offense law
  • criminal law

In her work, she uses Slovene, English, Croatian, and German.