Criminal law

Our law firm provides defence, legal counsel and representation to natural persons and legal entities party to a pre-trial investigation or criminal proceedings. Defending and representing injured parties in criminal proceedings includes active gaining and collecting of motions for evidence, preparing defence and pleading cases in criminal and appeal proceedings with a special emphasis on the observance of the accused’s right of fair trial.

Day-and-night duty has been set up for urgent criminal cases. In case of arrest, police or court custody or detention or a European Arrest Warrant, upon request of the suspect or their close family members, the law firm immediately pays a visit to the person in police custody, establishes why they have been arrested and makes use of all remedies available – from an appeal to a request of protection of legality before the Supreme Court – to have the custody or detention waived. The person in police custody is accompanied throughout the entire proceeding and detention waive petitions and appeals in case of an extended detention are lodged.

Since criminal laws were amended, the law firm has also been actively engaged in and representing its clients throughout the admission of guilt negotiations and the conclusion of an admission of guilt agreement.

Acting jointly with attorneys-at-law engaged in commercial law, the law firm provides legal counsel and representation to natural persons and legal entities party to pre-trial investigations or criminal proceedings pertaining to commercial criminal offences.

The law firm also provides legal counsel to injured parties and represents them in lodging pecuniary claims or in criminal prosecution of offenders prosecuted following a motion or private action.

The law firm is also actively engaged in misdemeanour law. We also provide legal counsel and representation to natural persons and legal entities related to tax and road traffic offences pertaining to law and order and other offences.

Examples of individual criminal law services:

  • drawing up criminal complaints and prosecution petitions,
  • defence and representation before public authorities during pre-trial investigations,
  • defence and representation during investigations,
  • defence and representation in ordinary court proceedings,
  • defence against proposed or imposed custody and detention,
  • lodging appeals for ordinary or extraordinary judicial reviews,
  • lodging proposals for alternative enforcement of criminal sanctions,
  • lodging pecuniary and other claims of injured parties in criminal proceedings,
  • lodging appeals against payment orders,
  • lodging requests of protection of legality before the Supreme Court,
  • lodging constitutional complaints,
  • representation before the misdemeanour judge.