Law of insolvency

The law firm provides legal counsel and representation to legal entities and sole traders experiencing current and non-current solvency issues and capital (in)adequacy or non-current sources of financing as well as those threatened with (or this is already underway) insolvency, over-indebtedness or illiquidity.

The law firm provides legal counsel and with its attorneys-at-law represents clients party to administration, simplified administration and initial preventive restructuring proceedings, files bankruptcy petitions, provides counsel to liquidators and conducts registration and monitoring of creditor claims. The law firm provides legal counselling and representation in all judicial proceedings before courts from first instance to the enactment of final judgement and with extraordinary judicial reviews. We provide representation and legal counsel in judicial proceedings that result from interpleader and in case the debtor’s legal conduct is contested.

All proceedings before the court are conducted via the e-insolv portal and, upon agreement, the law firm also monitors the course of bankruptcy, administration and removal from the register proceedings and bankruptcies of estates, legal entities, natural persons and sole traders.

Examples of individual law of insolvency services:

  • representation in ordinary court proceedings,
  • lodging appeals for ordinary or extraordinary judicial reviews,
  • legal counsel and lodging of petitions to establish administration and simplified administration, monitoring administration,
  • drawing up documents in simplified administration proceedings,
  • counsel and lodging initial preventive restructuring proceedings petitions,
  • lodging legal entity, sole trader or personal bankruptcy of a natural person, bankruptcy of the estate petitions,
  • registering and monitoring recognition of creditor claims,
  • interpleader,
  • bringing challenging actions, filing pleas of defence.