Law of succession

Our law firm provides defence, legal counsel and representation to natural persons and legal entities party to inheritance proceedings. If no right to succeed is exercised during the probate, the client is represented in an inheritance action. As part of probate, the client is counselled and petitions including appropriate declarations of inheritance are drawn up. If new property is found after probate has been completed, the law firm lodges an additional inheritance petition.

The law firm provides representation in drawing up contracts of succession, i.e. contracts that include any kinds of undertakings of the contracting party with regard to disposal of their property after their death, referring to drawing up an agreement between an ancestor and their successor on relinquishing any inheritance that the descendant would be granted after the death of the ascendant, conveyance deed or life care contract. The law firm provides legal aid in drawing up a will and also deposits the will.

In case of bona vacantia, we also take care of the calling-up proceedings. The law firm also represents creditors that hold claims against the deceased. We lodge a claim and, if the conditions are met, also demand separation of estate.

The law firm also lodges actions seeking to assert the legal standing of heirs pertaining to excluding the estate, non-inclusion into the hereditary share and contesting the validity of the will.

Examples of individual law of succession services:

  • representation in ordinary court proceedings,
  • lodging appeals for ordinary or extraordinary judicial reviews,
  • lodging claims,
  • lodging estate exclusion petitions,
  • lodging petitions pertaining to restrictions on the freedom to dispose of one’s succession by will and pertaining to returning gifts subject to the deprivation of a reserved portion,
  • drawing up a will,
  • drawing up a conveyance deed,
  • drawing up a life care contract,
  • conducting the proceedings in case of bona vacantia,
  • conducting the proceedings in case of subsequently found property,
  • lodging petitions including declarations of inheritance (declaration of acceptance of inheritance, declaration of giving up inheritance).