Recovery by telephone

At the initial meeting with the client of the service, we review the documentation, evaluate the situation and prepare a strategy for further work, all in accordance with the client’s wishes and expectations.

We then send the debtor a final notification before recovery, in which a final deadline is set for the payment of the debt. If the debt is not paid in this time, telephone contact is established with the debtor and an attempt is made to identify the reason for non-payment. The debtor is once again warned about the obligation of the payment and a report for the client is written about the conversation. The debtor is once again warned that, should they continue to avoid payment, a suggestion for judicial enforcement shall be made.

Due to the currency of data and following of payments, a constant contact between the provider of recovery service and the client is required, as only this will ensure efficient work.

If the procedure of recovery by telephone itself does not achieve the desired effect, the client still has the option of recovery through judicial means.