The ŠKERLJ, odvetniška pisarna, d.o.o. law firm has been engaged in freelance attorneyship continuously (which also includes its predecessors) since 1966, although it dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. The law firm was established by Attorney-at-Law Anton Škerlj, who was born in 1935. His great-grandfather Janez Ivan Škerlj (1848–1932) was a judge, public prosecutor and, in 1910 and 1911, attorney-at-law in Novo mesto. He had several children, including Prof. Dr. Milan Škerlj (1875–1947), who, after completing his studies abroad, became a professor at the Faculty of Law in Graz and Ljubljana, and Ljubivoj Amat Škerlj (1878–1927), who was the principal of the Novo Mesto Grammar School at the time of the Novo Mesto Spring. Amat’s son, Bogdan Škerlj, PhD (1912–1988) graduated from the Faculty of Law in 1935. During the same year, his son Anton Škerlj, who established our law firm, was born. Bogdan then retired from his post as Attorney-General. Anton Škerlj was first employed as a judge in Trebnje, followed by a post at the Novo Mesto Legal Aid Service and a freelance law firm in Novo mesto that he founded in 1966. Anton Škerlj’s work was complemented and, after his retirement, has been continued by his son, Attorney-at-Law Borut Škerlj, who was born in 1960. Limited organisational forms pertaining to individual attorneys-at-law and expansion resulted in the founding of a limited liability law firm (18 November 2011); the firm was entered into the Company Register of the District Court of Novo Mesto on 3 January 2002. After legislation was amended to allow for corporations, its organisational form was changed on 24 February 2009, when the law firm became the ŠKERLJ in odvetniki, odvetniška pisarna, d.o.o. limited liability company.

The name of the law firm was changed on 4. April 2016 to ŠKERLJ, odvetniška pisarna, d. o. o.